I had a lot of local changes.

I just accidentally did

git merge another_branch
git reset --hard HEAD^

on a lot of work. :( with the intention I didn't want the merged changes in here.

How do I recover the original state?

No, the local changes were never committed/stashed.

No way?

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    Have you looked into git stash? Might be what you need, but I'm not 100% certain – Bartek Jul 13 '10 at 18:59
  • See also steps to recover staged files – Top-Master Apr 5 at 12:15

If the changes had never been committed/stashed/staged, then you're out of luck. If they have, then you should be able to git your changes back by looking for them in git reflog.


Foy anyone who is facing this problem in ide's, there is a solution. Search For the ide editor history files of your ide. I had a problem with android studio so here i will give you a solution for android studio.

For eg: In android studio you can always see the previous files , by right clicking on project folder->LOcal History->Show History.

You can see the change history of files and you can also open the files and compare it with new files side by side. If you need old code just copy paste it from there.

  • This was the solution for my problem!! – Sami Issa Nov 18 '20 at 9:50
  • Similar to this suggestion, some IDE's automatically save back up files. For example, MATLAB, since 2012 or 2013, automatically saves backup m-files with the .asv extension in the same directory of the original file. – iled Jan 1 at 17:39
  • saved my day (y) – Abdul Mannan Mar 26 at 21:11

Although the uncommitted modifications to tracked files will have been lost, I think any untracked files will still be around unless you subsequently deleted them.


Try undoing on the file directly from the IDE. You'll get what you need.

Probably not helpful for @Lakshman Prasad, but will help someone else :-D


look into Recycle Bin! I found my deleted(uncommitted) files there


i was able to recover my files, by using git log -g my changes were there because i committed them once and then uncommitted my changes and then i saw all files on which i was working are lost,

by doing git log -g || git reflog -g wil display recent commit logs,

i found my commit hash and i checkout to that using this command git reset #commitHashID

this may help someone with similar scenario

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