I am testing an html webpage and it is failing to load a local jquery.json-2.4.0.js. I am testing the html page locally from chrome. When the page loaded I get a net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND.

Why is it unable to load the file? This file has been moved from a different server (which it was working fine on), but the directory paths are the same (I double checked the path ).

Here is my line:

<script type='text/javascript' src='/webforms/ExperianEmailJsScripts/jquery/js/jquery.jsonp-2.4.0.js'></script>
  • Try another browser than Chrome. If error disappears it is an issue of Chrome outside control of Javascript. Also Window may change filenames. – Pauli Sudarshan Terho Jun 26 at 11:35

This error means that file was not found. Either path is wrong or file is not present where you want it to be. Try to access it by entering source address in your browser to check if it really is there. Browse the directories on server to ensure the path is correct. You may even copy and paste the relative path to be certain it is alright.

  • that did not work... – user2133925 Sep 4 '15 at 20:18
  • Are you sure the source address is okay? Look for a type'o, missing directory, etc. – ezpn Sep 4 '15 at 20:21
  • is there any way to detect this error using only javascript??? – BugWhisperer Mar 4 '17 at 20:54
  • make sure your .js file is not a text file. – Luv May 23 at 7:07

Remove the first / in the path. Also you don't need type="text/javascript" anymore in HTML5.

  • still doesn't want to load the file – user2133925 Sep 4 '15 at 20:19
  • 1
    OK, try using the full path of the file, just for the moment. E.g. if you're on Windows it might be file:///C:/..../something.js – Zak Sep 4 '15 at 20:21
  • Do you have sources to support that type="text/javascript" is optionnal in HTML5? – D4V1D Sep 4 '15 at 20:26
  • @D4V1D Sure, take a look at stackoverflow.com/questions/5265202/…. – Zak Sep 4 '15 at 20:32
  • @Zak: Thanks for that! I'll leave it out from now on. – D4V1D Sep 4 '15 at 20:32

I got the same error using:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="//fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Source+Sans+Pro:400,400i,700,700i,900,900i" type="text/css" media="all">

But once I added https: in the beginning of the href the error disappeared.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Source+Sans+Pro:400,400i,700,700i,900,900i" type="text/css" media="all">

Same thing happened to me. Eventually my solution was to navigate to the repository using terminal (on mac) and create a new js file with a slightly different name. It linked immediately so i copied contents of original file to new one. You also might want to lose the first / after src= and use "".

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