I have to select some location points with a distance from given coordinates. Presented query

$locations = Locations::query()->columns(['id','distance' => '(1+2)'])
                ->having('distance < 10')

produces error:

SELECT id, (1+2) AS distance FROM [Multiple\Base\Models\Locations] GROUP BY [distance < 10] ORDER BY distance (116)...

Why can I use 'distance' alias with order clause, but cannot with having/where?

How to get it?

The query below works, but i need to order resultset by distance and use distance in views...

$locations = Locations::query()->columns(['id'])
                    ->having('(1+2) < 10')

This is a limitation imposed by MySQL not Phalcon. Try executing:

SELECT id, (1+2) AS distance FROM locations WHERE distance < 10;

from the mysql command line and you will receive the same error.

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