I use a Makefile to create pdfs of papers I'm working on. I'd also like to use make to upload the latest version to my website, which requires sftp. I though I could do something like this (which words on the command line) but it seems that in make, the EOF is getting ignored i.e., this

    sftp -oPort=2222 me@mywebsite.com << EOF
    cd papers
    put research_paper.pdf

generates an error message

cd papers
/bin/sh: line 0: cd: papers: No such file or directory

which I think is saying "papers" doesn't exist on your local machine i.e., the 'cd' is being executed locally, not remotely.

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Couple of ideas:

  • use ncftp which every Linux distro as well as brew should have: it remembers 'state' so the cd becomes unnecessary
  • use scp instead of sftp if possible
  • write a trivial shell script doing the EOF business and call that

For what it is worth, here is my script to push tarballs to the CRAN winbuilder -- and takes target directory and script as arguments to ncftpput.


function errorexit () {
    echo "Error: $1"
    exit 1

if [ "$#" -lt 1 ]; then
    errorexit "Need to specify argument file"

if [ ! -f ${1} ]; then
    errorexit "File ${1} not found, aborting."

ncftpput win-builder.r-project.org /R-release ${1}
ncftpput win-builder.r-project.org /R-devel ${1}

I then just do wbput.sh foo_1.2-3.tar.gz and off it goes...


You cannot (normally) put a single command on multiple lines in a Make recipe, so here documents are a no-go. Try this instead:

website: research_paper.pdf
    printf 'cd papers\nput $<\n' \
    | sftp -oPort=2222 me@mywebsite.com

The target obviously depends on the PDF, so I made it an explicit dependency, as well.

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