I'm actually on a Mac running OSX 10.9.5 Mavericks and using iTerm2.

As the title says, I've set my bash prompt like this in my ~/.bash_profile and a little different one in /var/root/bashrc (the only difference is the color of the pwd) to have a separation line before the new command prompt. To adapt his lenght in case I resize the terminal window (using some guides found) I've created a new prompt_command function as shown:

prompt_command ()
while [ "$size" -gt "0" ]; do


PS1="\[\e[1;37m\]"'$fill \t\n'"\[\e[1;33;40m\]["'$(basename $(pwd))'"] $\[\e[0m\] "

Everything works fine except the fact that when I log in as su I have to "give another carriage return" to the terminal to make the fill variable printed (or interpreted) correctly. Ok, I'm not good in explaining but I think this screenshot will be clarifying (I cannot post images, I have just 8/10 points, sorry).

Can anyone help please?


I solved it.

$COLUMNS is a shell variable, not an environmental variable so using ((size=$(tput cols)-9)) instead of ((size=${COLUMNS}-9)) solved the problem.

Hope it helps!

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