I am trying to understand JMS.

What is the difference between ActiveMQ and JMS

can pool the data from NON ActiveMQ with ActiveMQ plugin in Spring?

Thanks ,In advance

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JMS is a specification. JMS has three main parts to it. The first is the producer, which is nothing more than a bean that submits a "message" to a JMS broker (#2) (the system that manages messages between producers and consumers). In this case, ActiveMQ is the broker. Once the broker receives a message, the consumer (#3), or Message-Driven Bean (MDB), processes the message.

If you want to work with JMS, you'll just write both your producer/consumer code using the JMS API, but behind the scenes there is a "resource adapter" that is a special ActiveMQ driver that will connect to an ActiveMQ instance and do the management for you.

Have a look at this post I made recently. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to write JMS beans, but I've got the basics down.

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