I want to get the commits or the last commit for one file in gitlab api like this:

GET /projects/:id/repository/commits?path=fileName

Gitlab support or not?


There is a patch that implements this feature:


Unfortunately, it has not been merged yet:


Edit: now merged, expected to land in 8.14.0 (2016-11-22): https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce/commit/146d4348ca6812e26729de40a831f4ae8c27fde6

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Now you can do:


and receive array of commits about specific file.

Link to documentation

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Unfortunately not. With GitLab 7.14 you can only get all commits of a repository with the following command:

GET /projects/:id/repository/commits
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  • Right now not. You may want to analyze the API code and implement that feature :) – Razer Sep 6 '15 at 15:42

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