In my game, I have a class called "Sound", which that creates a new audioclip with the given filename. e.g.

Sound mining = new Sound("mining.mp3"); 

Recently I have implemented a mute button but I want the mute button to mute /all/ sounds effects. I have made a static variable mute, but it seems to get muted for all sounds in that class.

To elaborate, there is a class called "WindowHandler", which handles all the UI buttons, the buttons all have sounds, if I mute one of the buttons all of them are muted. But in a seperate class "PickUpRock" which needs the mining sound effect, this is /not/ muted.

How should I be changing the value of the mute variable? Right now I'm just calling


Is there a general method for saying like



  • Is the variable in the WindowHandler, or Sound class? – TimoPasanen Sep 6 '15 at 23:09
  • The mute variable? It's a static variable in the sound class – Dylan Kidd Sep 7 '15 at 1:04

Try making a global instance of Sound and replace all of your local Sound(s) with the global Sound. That way, when you mute it, everything is muted, rather than just one class.

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