I'm using the Router and RouteParams in Angular 2 Dart.

My routes are as follow:

@RouteConfig(const [
  const Route(path: '/', component: ViewLanding, as: 'home'),
  const Route(path: '/landing', component: ViewLanding, as: 'landing'),
  const Route(path: '/flights', component: ViewFlights, as: 'flights'),
  const Route(path: '/picker/:cityDepart/:cityArrival/:dateDepart/:dateArrival/', component: ViewFlights, as: 'picker'),
  const Route(path: '/order/:id/:level/:dateDepart/:dateArrival/', component: ViewOrder, as: 'order'),
  const Route(path: '/order/complete', component: ViewComplete, as: 'orderComplete')

// Application Entry Point:

void main() {
  print('-- Main.dart 2 --');
  bootstrap(Tickets, [
    // The base path of your application
    // uncomment this if you want to use '#' in your url

This works fine with router-outlet / router-link / router.navigate

However, on page reload - I don't get a positive match for routes with params. IE: if I refresh http://localhost:8080/#/picker/SAN/SFO/2015-01-01/2015-04-02 - I go to a the parent view with no child routes. This symptom is true for any route with params.

Navigating directly to or refreshing to: http://localhost:8080/#/flights/ - works as expected - the ViewFlights component is instantiated

Symptoms: routing with params fails.

Question: How do I define route configurations to work with parameters on refresh

Links: https://github.com/rightisleft/web_apps_dart/blob/angular2/web/main.dart https://github.com/rightisleft/web_apps_dart/blob/angular2/lib/client/tickets.dart

  • Did you end up with a solution on this? – Pacane Sep 8 '15 at 19:41
  • This was supposed to be fixed in alpha31 (see issue and fix), although that looks to be only for the URL, not the params. This should be issued in their git for reviewing. – Eric Martinez Sep 8 '15 at 20:25
  • I just tested this again with alpha 37 – Jack Murphy Sep 12 '15 at 19:15
  • Same issue in the beta! – mboullouz Feb 26 '16 at 11:20
  • did you try (inject router ans Location in the constructor of the first component) and use: this.router.navigateByUrl(this.location.path()); – mboullouz Feb 26 '16 at 11:30

If I understand your question correctly, you need to subscribe to the router events in your component to update the old params with new, and then update your UI.

I assume your problem is when you open an url http://localhost:8080/#/picker/SAN/SFO/2015-01-01/2015-04-02, and then navigates to http://localhost:8080/#/picker/SAN/SFO. What you do is changing the route, but the component is already instantiated, meaning the new param will not be updated (nor removed). What I usually do is the following in your parent component

Angular 5

constructor(private router:Router){
 // Subscribe to the router events. 
 // It may be a good idea to assign this subscription to a variable, and then do an unsubscribe in your ngOnDestroy().
  if(event instanceof ActivationEnd){
   var cityDepart = event.snapshot.params["cityDepart"];
   var cityArrival = event.snapshot.params["cityArrival"];
   var dateDepart = event.snapshot.params["dateDepart"]; 
   var dateArrival = event.snapshot.params["dateArrival"];
   // do some logic

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