I need a collection of sample images to train a Haar-based classifier for face detection. I read that a ratio of 2 negative examples for each positive example is acceptable. I searched around the web and found many databases containing positive examples to train my classifier (that is, images that contain faces), however, I can't any database with negative examples. Right now, I have over 18000 positive examples. Where can I find 2000 or more negative examples?

  • Could you please try and fix the spelling/grammar issues. As of now, your post is unreadable. – Chris Britt Sep 6 '15 at 23:15
  • which word you doesn't understand it ? – user5107123 Sep 6 '15 at 23:38
  • The entire piece, you fixed some spelling errors, but it still is really confusing. Are you asking for how to extract the background? How to find a database of images? How the haar training works to read an image, and how you can generate sample images? Any of these are possible interpretations of your question. – Chris Britt Sep 6 '15 at 23:46
  • no I ask where can i find negative image more than 20000 downloading it from google take long time – user5107123 Sep 6 '15 at 23:48
  • just use any images where the object-to-detect isnt present. You can use rotations/scales and subimages of those negative samples too. – Micka Sep 7 '15 at 7:00

use http://tutorial-haartraining.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/data/negatives/

or any other image set that has no objects you need to recognize

NOTE: the number of samples you mention is too big, you don't need so much to obtain high accuracy

  • i want to use 30000 image for face detection did thats too big how much must i use ? for best detection left side and frontal face – user5107123 Oct 7 '15 at 17:07
  • 1
    the original cascade in openCV uses 5000 positive samples - but for front faces only. in your case it might be increased or split in two cascades. which is a better approach - better to check on real data. – Yavpolnom Shoke Oct 8 '15 at 1:40