The github readme of forever.js states

In addition to passing forever the path to a script (along with accompanying options, described above), you may also pass forever the path to a JSON file containing these options. For example, consider an application with the following file structure:

In the following example, the options uid, append, watch, script and sourceDir are set. All of these are long versions of arguments to the forever command (with the short versions being -a, -w, -s).

My problem is: some of the options to forever don't have a long version, for example -m, -l, -e, -o. How do I provide these options in my json configuration file?

I've tried adding values to keys such as "l" and "log", but this didn't achieve the desired effect.

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It seems like the JSON properties for all shorthand options are listed here. For example, the JSON property for -p would be "path".

var argvOptions = cli.argvOptions = {
  'command':   {alias: 'c'},
  'errFile':   {alias: 'e'},
  'logFile':   {alias: 'l'},
  'killTree':  {alias: 't', boolean: true},
  'append':    {alias: 'a', boolean: true},
  'fifo':      {alias: 'f', boolean: true},
  'number':    {alias: 'n'},
  'max':       {alias: 'm'},
  'outFile':   {alias: 'o'},
  'path':      {alias: 'p'},
  'help':      {alias: 'h'},
  'silent':    {alias: 's', boolean: true},
  'verbose':   {alias: 'v', boolean: true},
  'watch':     {alias: 'w', boolean: true},
  'debug':     {alias: 'd', boolean: true},
  'plain':     {boolean: true},
  'uid':       {alias: 'u'}
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    Very useful! Shame that it is not included in the documentation.
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logFile, outFile, errFile worked for me too. :)
in my case, I used : myapp_config.json

   "uid": "myapp",
   "append": true, 
   "watch": true,
   "script": "myscript.js",
   "sourceDir": "/home/myaccount/myproj/myapp",
   "logFile": "/home/myaccount/.forever/forever.log",      
   "outFile": "/home/myaccount/.forever/out.log",
   "errFile": "/home/myaccount/.forever/err.log"

forever start myapp_config.json
forever stop myapp


Try using these, they worked for me: logFile, outFile, errFile

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