I know how to use Get-ADUser for one OU but how can I expand it for multiple OUs?

import-module activedirectory
$Path = 'OU=usertest,dc=a,dc=b,dc=com'
$NumberOfUsersinAD =  (Get-ADUser -SearchBase $Path –filter * ).count 
$ADUsers = Get-ADUser -Searchbase $Path -Filter *

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A single query can only have one SearchBase, but you can issue multiple queries if you like:

$Domain      = 'dc=a,dc=b,dc=com'
# Create array of OU paths
$OUsToSearch = @(

# Create empty array 
$ADUsers = @()

# Loop through OUs and search for users
foreach($Path in $OUsToSearch){
    $ADUsers += Get-ADUser -SearchBase $Path -Filter *

# Count users (no need for a separate query)
$NumberOfADUsers = $ADUsers.Count
  • Thanks. It wokrs. Just two questions: can you please Explian what $ADUsers = @() does? How about if we have 30 OU, should I type them one by one?
    – frhling1
    Sep 7, 2015 at 8:22
  • @frhling1 I've updated the answer with comments. What do you mean "type them one by one"? If you want to search through all OU's, just specify the domain as the SearchBase Sep 7, 2015 at 8:25

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