Thought this could work, but it doesn't:

 heroku appname --region=eu

This works, but I already have an existing app, so this does not make sense for me:

heroku create --region eu

Or for an addon:

heroku addons:list --region=eu

There is no native ability just to switch, but still there is a way how to do this.

Create fork of the app in a region you need.
For example, you have app in US region and you want to migrate it to EU:

  • Run this command to create a new app that will be a copy of existing:
heroku fork --from sourceapp --to targetapp --region eu
  • After check if it is working, check (and copy-paste if needed) settings, permissions, addons, etc. They might copy too, but it is better to check.
  • Rename sourceapp to something like sourceapp_old.
  • Rename targetapp to sourceapp.

NOTE: But still this method has few cons:

Anyhow, I'd recommend to read official Heroku documentation before doing so risky actions like this.


You can do it by forking your app. Have a look at the Heroku documentation here: https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/app-migration

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    it can not be used if the app already exist and I don't want to delete it. – user254197 Sep 8 '15 at 11:53

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