I am using the library PhpExcel to import data from Excel.

I would like to remove all formatting from the spreadsheet so I can ready the values with the RangeToArray function.


I'd like to read a range values but it seems that rangeToArray takes into account the formatting.

How can I do ?

Thanks a lot,


If you look at the arguments for the rangeToArray() method, you'll see that it takes formatting into account by default

 * Create array from a range of cells
 * @param string $pRange Range of cells (i.e. "A1:B10"), or just one cell (i.e. "A1")
 * @param mixed $nullValue Value returned in the array entry if a cell doesn't exist
 * @param boolean $calculateFormulas Should formulas be calculated?
 * @param boolean $formatData Should formatting be applied to cell values?
 * @param boolean $returnCellRef False - Return a simple array of rows and columns indexed by number counting from zero
 *                               True - Return rows and columns indexed by their actual row and column IDs
 * @return array
public function rangeToArray($pRange = 'A1', $nullValue = null, $calculateFormulas = true, $formatData = true, $returnCellRef = false)

But that you can change that behaviour simply by passing a boolean false as the fourth argument

  • arf, I was looking for so complicated things ! Thanks ! – Sébastien Sep 7 '15 at 13:10

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