I’m creating a (Buddypress/Wordpress) page where I want to list all members and then let the visitors filter them by for example location by checking checkboxes. I created a quick mockup in photoshop of what I’m creating.

enter image description here

I have modified the PHP file members-loop.php to do what I want, and my script successfully works and only list users with locations I add to my $selectedLocations array. I want visitors to be able to add locations to this arrays with checkboxes. When a user checks a box I want the page to reload the member-loop.php so that I can add a [POST] to the submit and filter the page with the criteria from the checkbox. My problem is that I have no idea how to call the loop again. Right now I'm just trying to reload the loop, and I'll add the POST when I have achieved that. I'm trying to call on the loop with this function:

function vedCheckboxValg(){
            data: {
                action: 'members'
              success: function(members){
                  alert('funka det?');




The script itself works If I call on a PHP file on my root with a simple echo, but whatever I do to call on members-loop is not working, and just returns 0.

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