Thanks for visiting my question.

I'd like the program to output the numbers which demands the condition...

Ex) mid([15,2,30,4,12,3,18],10,20,L2) --> L2=[15,12,18]

Written below are my codes.

mid([L|L1],Min,Max,[L|L2]) :- L>=Min, L=<Max, mid(L1,Min,Max,L2).
min([L|L1],Min,Max,[_|L2]) :- mid(L1,Min,Max,L2).

If you have any good solutions, please let me know...


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mid([X|R], Min, Max, L) :-
    (X >= Min, X =< Max -> L = [X|L1]; L = L1), mid(R, Min, Max, L1).

UPDATE: Another answer based on your code. Your code results in unwanted backtracking. You can prevent it with ! operator:

mid([X|R], Min, Max, [X|L]) :-
    X >= Min, X =< Max, !, mid(R, Min, Max, L).
mid([_|R], Min, Max, L) :- mid(R, Min, Max, L).
  • The code variant using !/0 is not steadfast: mid([1,3,5,7],2,6,Xs) succeeds with Xs=[3,5] which is OK, but the goals mid([1,3,5,7],2,6,[3]), mid([1,3,5,7],2,6,[5]), and mid([1,3,5,7],2,6,[]) succeed even though they should fail!
    – repeat
    Sep 9, 2015 at 11:04

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