I have created a database in Sqlite Android Application, there are two fields in the table i.e Name and Email. I want to update the contents of the table, the query that i am using is.

db.update(TABLENAME,cv,"id=?",new String[]{String.valueOf(7)});

As this will update the content that have the ID 7, but i want to update the table by matching the name entered.


Add another Parameter like

db.update(TABLENAME,cv,"id=? AND Name=? ",new String[]{String.valueOf(7),NameValue});


String where="id=? and Name=?";
db.update(TABLENAME,cv,where,new String[]{String.valueOf(7),NameValue});

To match the name instead of the ID, just replace the column name in the whereClause:

db.update(TABLENAME, cv, "Name=?", new String[]{"PanKush"});

pass your string array in update method...

public int Upadte(String name_value,String email_value,String new_name) {
    ContentValues value = new ContentValues();
    return _sqliteDB.update(TABLE_NAME ,value," NAME "+"=?"+" and "+" EMAIL "+"=?",new String[]{name_value,email_value});

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