I saw many people posting problems related to this kind of error, yet none of the solutions I browsed did fit to my problem, which is the following:

def get_dynamics_for_window(dynamics_predictions, window_size, input_PTM_entry):
    # function returns a numpy array
    # dyanmics_predictions argument is a big dictionary of lists

get_dynamics_partial = functools.partial(get_dynamics_for_window, dynamics_predictions, args.window_size)
# input_PTM_df is a DataFrame returning .shape equal to "(1553, 5)" at this line
array_extensions = input_PTM_df.apply(get_dynamics_partial, axis=1)

Then I get the error below on the last line from the above snippet.

ValueError: Shape of passed values is (1553,), indices imply (1553, 5)

I looked at several discussions related to such error messages, yet I have no clue about what's really the problem and how to debug it.

  • The provided code does not permit to reproduce the problem. We need the content of the function. For example the same error is thrown by this code DataFrame(np.random.randn(1553, 5), columns=['A']). Saying that the shape of data (1553 rows and 5 columns) does not match the shape of the index (1553 rows and 1 column).
    – Romain
    Commented Sep 8, 2015 at 15:43
  • Note that shapes of (1553,) and (1553,1) do not represent identical arrays. You might need to add a reshape() somewhere.
    – JohnE
    Commented Sep 8, 2015 at 16:16


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