Hi i have a live streaming code and i stream my web cam on the local host.

Here is my stream file code


function flush_buffers(){

header('Content-Type: video/mpeg');
$stream = fopen( 'http://localhost:8080/stream.mp2v', "rb" );
#$save = fopen("save.mp4", "w");
while ( ! feof( $stream ) )

    $response = fread( $stream, 8192 ); 
    echo $response;

fclose( $stream );

What I need to do is record this live streaming simultaneously to a file here i stated save.mp4 in my code.I tried to do that with fwrite but when i run the program with this code i could see my webcam running but it could not record anything to save.mp4.I dont think fwrite is a suitable function for my purpose.I need help in this point.What should i do?


I should have written fwrite($save,$response); instead of fwrite($save,$stream);. It worked in this way.

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I think you have to use another technology than PHP to do what exactly you want. But if you want to use PHP , i think you can save stream in a file and after convert it with a convertion software . :)

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