My question is: would it be at all possible to avoid the call to Safari so as to install the profile? I am able to use the localhost server approach described in Installing a configuration profile on iPhone - programmatically to serve it through Safari, but would like to avoid having to call it and then have to re-open the app on confirmation...

I know Safari and Mail are supposed to be the only applications whose permissions allow them to launch those profiles, but since the Mime type is now public ("application/x-apple-aspen-config"), would there be a way to make it work with a UIWebView?

I found several resources talking about this (mostly saying it isn't possible) but most are over 3-4 years old, which makes me wonder if anything might have changed in the meantime, or if Safari and Mail remain as the only web-based "methods" to launching configuration files.


Apparently not possible yet (15/09/15). Hopefully this will change in the future...

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