I am trying to write a python bit-banging application to communicate with a FT232H eeprom using pylibftdi (over serial port).

I have installed the FT232H .dll using the installer provided by ftdichip (the default .dll install location is 'C:\Windows\System32\drivers'); but pylibftdi can not find libftdi or libusb.

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An example of a pylibftdi base install on Windows would be greatly appreciated.

Note 1: I am aware of pyUSB, but this does not support Python 2.7.

Note 2: Under Linux (Ubuntu/Mint) the dependencies are installed as follows:

sudo apt-get install libftdi1
pip install pyusb

I need the equivalent for Windows 7.

  • Failed installing library. try with this module: lfd.uci.edu/~gohlke/pythonlibs
    – dsgdfg
    Sep 8, 2015 at 17:19
  • I can see PyUSB-FTDI on the link you provide. But I can't see anything for pylibftdi.... am I missing something?
    – Ajax
    Sep 8, 2015 at 17:21
  • Ask python but put to system directory ? Copy your dll to Python27\Scripts dir.
    – dsgdfg
    Sep 8, 2015 at 17:34

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First install the USB driver as described here http://embedded-funk.net/running-libftdi-under-windows/

For me this meant using Zadig.exe (http://zadig.akeo.ie/) to replace the FT232R USB UART driver with libusbK driver. (Remember to click options->List all devices in Zadig)

Second download libftdi. From https://sourceforge.net/projects/picusb/files/ I downloaded https://sourceforge.net/projects/picusb/files/libftdi1-1.1_devkit_x86_x64_21Feb2014.zip/download

Locate your Python installation.For me that was c:\Anaconda3.

From libftdi1-1.1_devkit_x86_x64_21Feb2014.zip:

copy bin64\libusb-1.0.dll c:\Anaconda3\
copy bin64\libftdi1.dll c:\Anaconda3\
copy lib64\site-packages\* c:\Anaconda3\Lib\site-packages\


python -m pylibftdi.examples.list_devices
  • 1
    It's worth pointing out this site: github.com/atelier-ritz/Python3.6-32bit--FT232H-libftdi1.4 -- the author has created a version of libftdi1.4 that works under Python 3.6 Mar 11, 2018 at 18:53
  • Does anyone know where to get, or how to compile, libftdi1.5 for Windows 10? I used the libusbK driver with Zadig and it created problems that prevented me from using other, off the shelf, circuit boards that had an FTDI chip.
    – Sanjo
    Aug 12 at 16:25

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