How do I mock the method GetValues() in System.Data.IDataReader?

This method changes the array of objects passed to it, so it can’t simply return a mocked value.

private void UpdateItemPropertyValuesFromReader( object item, IDataReader reader )
    object[] fields = new object[ reader.FieldCount ];
    reader.GetValues( fields ); //this needs to be mocked to return a fixed set of fields

    // process fields
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you need to use the method Expect.Do() which takes a delegate. this delegate then needs to 'do' something, in place of the calling code. Therefore, write a delegate that populates the fields variable for you.

private int SetupFields( object[] fields )
    fields[ 0 ] = 100;
    fields[ 1 ] = "Hello";
    return 2;

public void TestGetValues()
    MockRepository mocks = new MockRepository();

    using ( mocks.Record() )
            .Call( reader.GetValues( null ) )
            .Do( new Func<object[], int>( SetupField ) )

    // verify here
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    I notice your small typo, but I believe this is what I need! thank you – D3vtr0n Nov 27 '08 at 22:23
  • I can't post a < character due to a corporate firewall 'policy'.. – Ben Laan Nov 27 '08 at 22:26
  • @Ben Ahh you gotta to love firewalls. – Nathan W Nov 27 '08 at 22:45

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