Is it possible to change the Template of a page to Branch Template? When I try in Sitecore 7.0 UI it gives a error message stating to "Select a Template".

Is there any other way to change an Item's Template to be a Branch Template?

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    Hum... what are you trying to achieve, exactly? A branch is more like a "preconfigured set of items based on a template/set of templates" - not something an actual content item can be directly based on. – Mark Cassidy Sep 9 '15 at 11:16
  • I have some pages in sitecore. We are thinking of changing the template of the page to a new template and also want some folders to get created automatically. – AlokBhatt Sep 9 '15 at 11:42

You cannot just substitute a template of an item with a branch template. You might be probably confused by mutual term template they both use and the fact the both exist undet /sitecore/templates node, however they are absolutely different in their internals.

Branch templates are just template sub-nodes that are being copied in instantiation. You may still use tokens and they would apply for every single item in a branch. But each of the items from a branch would still origin from certain individual template.

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Thus, you cannot just do Configure --> Change on an item and then select a branch template instead of ordinary template, that's why Branches node is highlighted with grey color and even if you try to select any - sitecore will tell you "please select a template".

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What you can do is just to re-create your item from branch template and (assuming) previous item now becomes a part of your branch - you may simply manually copy all the presentation details. However an ID of that item would differ with an ID of initial item (unless you manually replace original item into a branch instantiated)

I previously wrote an article on how to copy presentation detail manually between items, it will help you with your case:


  • Don't forget to move any existing child items to the new item as well. And beware of possible conflicting children (e.g. existing item with the same name as a child in the branch). – wensveen Oct 3 '16 at 15:25

Short Answer - No

Long Answer -

As the Branch Template its self is not technically a Template, its a Branch it can't be used as a Template. The Items the branch contains aren't Templates themselves either. They are Items based on a Template.

As none of these Items are Templates you can not change the Template of an Item to one of the Items in your Branch.

If you need the Item to identified as created from a Branch in the Created Form property of the Item you will need to create a new Item via the Branch and copy its content and presentation to it.

I have confirmed this is still the case in Sitecore 8.

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