I have a need to find a particular email on a Google IMAP server and then save the attachments from the email. I think I have it all figured out except for the part of determining what the file name is of the attachment.

Below is my code so far, I am hoping that someone can point me in the right direction to determine the file name.

I have Googled and SO'd but have not been able to find something using the attachment approach.

internal class MailKitHelper
    private void SaveAttachementsForMessage(string aMessageId)
        ImapClient imapClient = new ImapClient();
        imapClient.Connect("imap.google.com", 993, SecureSocketOptions.Auto);
        imapClient.Authenticate("xxxx", "xxxx");

        HeaderSearchQuery searchCondition = SearchQuery.HeaderContains("Message-Id", aMessageId);
        IList<UniqueId> ids = imapClient.Inbox.Search(searchCondition);

        foreach (UniqueId uniqueId in ids)
            MimeMessage message = imapClient.Inbox.GetMessage(uniqueId);

            foreach (MimeEntity attachment in message.Attachments)
                attachment.WriteTo("WhatIsTheFileName"); //How do I determine the file name

And the winner is.....

  • Was just writing post to say this answer or you could use MimePart instead of MimeEntity and the FileName property is exposed on that. – Marc Harry Sep 9 '15 at 11:54

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