I'm building a Haskell program that uses a command line argument parser using option-applicative library. Since I'm using stack to build and test my project, I would like to execute my program passing command line arguments using stack exec, like

stack exec myprogram-exe -i myfile.txt

but when I try to execute, Stack gives me the following message:

Usage: stack exec CMD [-- ARGS (e.g. stack ghc -- X.hs -o x)] ([--plain] |
              ([--ghc-package-path] | [--no-ghc-package-path])
              ([--stack-exe] | [--no-stack-exe]) [--package ARG])

Is there a way in which I can pass command line arguments to a program executed using Stack?

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    Try this stack exec -- myprogram-exe -i myfile.txt ?
    – Sibi
    Sep 9, 2015 at 15:00
  • @sibi that's the correct approach. Can you write it in as an answer? $(stack exec which foo) would also work on Unix shells Sep 9, 2015 at 17:19

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Something like this should work:

stack exec -- myprogram-exe -i myfile.txt

Another way as Michael Snoyman says should be like this:

$(stack exec which foo)

You can also use stack build with the --exec flag to build and execute in one command. The arguments to the executable have to be included in the exec argument.

$ stack build --exec "myexecutable arg1 arg2"

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