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What’s the best way to implement an ‘enum’ in Python?

What is the Python idiom for a list of differently indexed names (like Enum in C/C++ or Java)?

Clarification: I want a property of a value to be set to a restricted range, such as card suites Heart, Club, Spade, Diamond. I could represent it with an int in range 0..3, but it would allow out of range input (like 15).

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class Suite(object): pass

class Heart(Suite): pass
class Club(Suite): pass


A class in python is an object. So you can write




here is very same popular question on stackoverflow


class Suite(set):
    def __getattr__(self, name):
        if name in self:
            return name
        raise AttributeError

s1 = Suite(['Heart', 'Club', 'Spade', 'Diamond'])

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