I have seen git branch <newBranchName> will create a new branch from the current branch. So for example if my current branch is master then git branch build5 will create a new branch build5 based on master.

But if my current branch is master and I have another branch build3 and I want to create a new branch build6 based on build3, how can I do that? Is it possible to do it without switching from my current branch master?



Try this

git branch build6 build3


git checkout -b build6 build3

As you can see, git branch takes an optional parameter of a destination branch or commit from which to branch off of.


You just need to create your new branch from the target branch by leaving the master branch. For example:

git status
# On branch master
git fetch
git checkout build3
# on branch build3
git checkout -b build6
# Switched to a new branch 'build6'

Hope that helps

  • I'm not sure why this received a down vote, but if someone comments about what was unclear I will edit my answer. – DrewT Sep 10 '15 at 20:21
  • I think you received a down vote because you are making build3 current branch before creating branch build6 from it while the question asked to create a branch from a non-current branch. – ChumboChappati Sep 10 '15 at 22:29

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