I am trying to execute my first protractor + cucumber project.

I don't know how to set the Run/Debug Configurations. Here my settings. What is wrong?

Node interpreter
C:\Program Files\nodejs\node.exe

Working Directory

Javascript file

Application parameters
--specs=features/*.feature protractor-cucumber.config.js

When I right click on my feature and select "Run 'matter.feature'" I get this message:

"Error running matter.feature Can not run program "D:\example-protractor-master"

config screen:




  • Please post code as code, rather than screenshots of code, and especially instead of links to screenshots of code. – Ajean Sep 11 '15 at 17:11

You should have used protractor cli as 'Javascript file':

Program: C:\Program Files\nodejs\node.exe
Working Directory: D:\example-protractor-master
Javascript file: node_modules\protractor\lib\cli.js
Application parameters: --specs=features/*.feature protractor.cucumber.conf.js

Similar configuration works fine for me

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