I am getting this error:

A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Notice

Message: Undefined offset: 0

Filename: controllers/web.php

Line Number: 181

When I open the latest post on my website.

This the code from detail.php:

                // ...
                $p_satu = explode(' ',$c['tanggal']);
                $tgl = explode('-',$p_satu[0]); 
                $bulan = array('Jan','Feb','Mar', 'Apr', 'Mei', 'Jun','Jul','Ags','Sep','Okt', 'Nov','D');
            <p><?php echo $tgl[2]; ?></p>
            <p><?php echo $bulan[($tgl[1]-1)]; ?></p>

And this web.php:

// ...
private function cookiesetter($kode = 0){
        $content = $this->blog_model->GetContent("where kode_content = '$kode'")->result_array();
        $result = $this->blog_model->UpdateData('content',array('counter' => ($content[0]['counter'])),array('kode_content'=>$kode));
        if($result == 1){
            setcookie($kode,"http://xxx.example.com", time()+3600);

Here is my guess. Update your controllers/web.php

$result = 0;
if (!empty($content[0])) {
    $result = $this->blog_model->UpdateData('content',array('counter' => ($content[0]['counter'])),array('kode_content'=>$kode));
if ($result == 1) { 

If this doesn't fixed your error, let me know the code from this Line Number: 181 controllers/web.php


So your array tgl does not have the index 2. You have to check what value you are getting in $p_satu[0]


This is a common error in array accessing and is thrown by having an undefined offset in an array, or rather by accessing a key=>value pair in an array that does not exist. For example:

$array = array(
    1=> 'hi',
    3 => 'bye'
echo $array[0]; //Throws the error undefined offset since '0' is not an index in the array

To debug, I'd recommend doing a print_r() or var_dump on the array you are accessing with index [0] and seeing what the contents of the array are as they are likely not what you expect.

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