I created this little html file test.html:

<p>It works!</p>

and try to host it with apache. I downloaded and installed XAMPP and started apache. But where to put test.html so i can access it in the browser?

I search now for 30 minutes but can't find anything to start with.


xampp/htdocs folder, this is where index.html takes place.

You can access it via your browser like this: http://localhost/index.html

In order to add/view new files/projects, just add them to htdocs directory and access them via localhost/filename address.

Hope it works :)

  • Finally!! Thank you! They should make it more obvious to everyone, users shouldn't have to google it, the software should be more self explaining. – Black Sep 10 '15 at 7:40

In XAMPP root directory you can find 'htdocs' folder. You could create here a new folder for each web that you want to create and put inside your files. You can access in your browswer like:



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