I have successfully configured a service provider in Wso2 Identity server. With Oauth2 as inbound authentication method. I am facing some issue in Access Token Expiry time. I debugged the issue by following steps

  1. Using Generate Token API - https://localhost:9443/oauth2/token - i got generated access token as response. data{"token_type":"bearer","expires_in":3600,"refresh_token":"a0e09620d3185a6f7dc2cd42f092e76c","access_token":"b2267f60892c6c94f58a421d2d529a"}

  2. In above response the expiry time is 3600. which is same as configured in identity.xml. But When I use this access_token in OAuth2TokenValidation.validate SOAP service, the expiry time is completely doubled as 360000.

  3. I have test this in soap UI tool. I have attached a screen shot of it. enter image description here

Is there anything, i am missing from configuration side or some issue at calculation of expiry time at OAuth2TokenValidation validation soap api. Need help to resolve this issue.



You can change the value on $IS_HOME/reposotory/conf/identity.xml file.

The tag is <AuthorizationContextTTL>15</AuthorizationContextTTL>. And, the default value is 15.

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