• I have 10 cells (A1-A10) in my workbook where I can enter values. The values are not sorted (always random).

  • I have 1 cell (C4) where the average of that value is calculated with the formula: =AVERAGEIF(A1:10,"<>0")

  • I need a formula for the cell C5 where this average is rounded to a lower step value (unless its already equal to one of the step values).

  • My step values are: 1,0 1,3 1,7 2,0 2,3 2,7 3,0 3,3 3,7 4,0


  • If my average value (C4) is 3,2 I need it to show in the field C5 as 3,0.
  • If my average value (C4) is 1,3 it needs to stay 1,3

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In C5 use this simple LOOKUP function with constants.

=LOOKUP(C4, {1,1.3,1.7,2,2.3,2.7,3,3.3,3.7,4})

There was no mention of what to provide if the average was lower than 1. I'm sorry but I could not determine your system's list delimiter.

  • My delimiter is ; and , but I changed that myself. Thank you very much for such a simple and elegant solution.
    – stx932
    Sep 10, 2015 at 14:43

Enter your step into cells f10 to f17 (or any other cells) and On C5 enter:

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