I'd like to build an AMI with two block devices, which are modified during provisioning. When I create an AMI with packer, it doesn't seem to take new snapshots of the block devices. Is there a way to force this?

My template is { "builders": [{ "type": "amazon-ebs", "region": "us-east-1", "source_ami": "ami-08842d60", "instance_type": "m4.2xlarge", "security_group_id": "<redacted>", "subnet_id" : "<redacted>", "ssh_username": "ec2-user", "ssh_pty": true, "ami_name": "testing {{timestamp}}", "ami_block_device_mappings": [{ "device_name": "/dev/sdf", "volume_type": "gp2", "volume_size": 100, "delete_on_termination": true, "encrypted": true }, { "device_name": "/dev/sdg", "volume_type": "gp2", "volume_size": 100, "delete_on_termination": true, "encrypted": true }] }] }

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The issue was that I was using ami_block_device_mappings instead of launch_block_device_mappings. The former are added only to the AMI and not the launch instance. launch_block_device_mappings are added to the instance from which the AMI is built, and will be snapshotted and added to to the registered AMI.

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