I have developed an Excel file that contains a button with a macro that will save the workbook for the user. This has worked well until recently when we are migrating to Sharepoint and users are trying to save the workbook to a mapped drive that is mapped to a Sharepoint location.

So, for example, my user has \\<server@SSL\sites\<sitename>\<documentlibrary> mapped to her Z drive.

When I use ThisWorkbook.GetSaveAsFilename the result returns a url like so https://<server@SSL\sites\<sitename>\<documentlibrary>\<filename>.xlsm

Before making any changes, I was getting a run-time error on the line

ThisWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=excelFile

where excelFile is https://<server@SSL\sites\<sitename>\<documentlibrary>\<filename>.xlsm

My first attempt was to do some find/replace on the string. First replacing https: with nothing and then replacing the forward slash / with the backslash \ to make it resemble a file path like so:


There was some progress made here. I received no VBA error, however I did get a message:

UPLOAD FAILED We're sorry this didn't work. Try saving again later and if that still doesn't work, click Save a Copy

and I see the file attempting to be uploaded in the Microsoft Office Upload Center, so this is progress.

I can't seem to make it around this upload failure message.

I have tested that my permissions to the document library are sufficient by manually uploading the file that I am attempting to automatically upload.

So, how can I use ThisWorkbook.SaveAs to save a file to a Sharepoint document library?

I am using Excel 2013 and Sharepoint 2013.


While I cannot explain it, after some tinkering around, I believe I have found the solution.


ThisWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=excelFile


ThisWorkbook.SaveAs fileName:=excelName, FileFormat:=xlOpenXMLWorkbook, ConflictResolution:=xlUserResolution

Seemed to make it work.

I explicitly set the FileFormat and ConflictResolution arguments and the user is able to save.

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