So signature for component-will-receive-props is such:


:component-will-receive-props (fn [this new-argv])

But new-args seems like it's function or js object. I was expecting it to be map of props. How do I get map of props from new-argv? I can get old props from this by (reagent/props this), but it's old props, not newly received.


Ok I finally found out it's reagent.impl.util/extract-props. So (reagent.impl.util/extract-props new-argv) will return new props.



I think the correct way to do this is through the props function. An example here shows this.

;; assuming you have reagent required :as reagent


  (fn [this]
    (println "next-props" (reagent/props this))
  • This returns the current props and not the new props, which is what the OP was looking for. – wpcarro Oct 27 '17 at 15:39

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