When compiling an NSIS script, whenever I invoke registry (or time) macros contained in the Registry.nsh and Time.nsh plugins, I get an error.

The command I run is something like:

${registry::Open} "[fullpath]" "[Options]" $var

And the error I get is:

Plugin not found, cannot call registry::_Open

Does anybody know what I'm missing?

Edit: Using NSIS 3.0b2

  • I believe that message was added in a recent NSIS Beta version, in the future it would be nice if you specified the version of the compiler you are using... – Anders Sep 12 '15 at 2:20

You need to put the plugin .dll in the correct subdirectory. For NSIS v2.x this is in ...\NSIS\Plugins and for NSIS v3.x it is ...\NSIS\Plugins\x86-ansi for ANSI plugins and ...\NSIS\Plugins\x86-unicode for Unicode plugins.

You can also store plugins in other folders and use !addplugindir if you have multiple NSIS installations...

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