First of all - sorry for my bad English, hope you get my meaning and you will be able to give me an answer.

So, I have the following project structure:

App (Root component) -> Header (included within App) -> Navigation (included within Header).

How should I send data to Navigation (which getting async..)

Now im getting that data in App. then via props send it to Header, and then - render it in Navigation.

  1. I dont want to show Navigation component until the data is loaded.
  2. I dont want Navigation to depend on Header....

At the time - it looks like:

I cant put more then 2 links, that why I just leave here project.

Project (Github)

Actually - it works! But you know, I dont sure that I've select the correct way..


You can just get your component to return null

if (!this.props.data) {
  return null;

You need to have ViewState stored in reducer to show loader or whatever until data loads or request fails; and you return false or null from render not to show up any markup if you need to.

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