Jetbrains Webstorm keeps showing "Unterminated statement" for the code below.

class NavBar extends Component {...}

But the message vanishes as I put a semicolon right after the decorator. I was just wondering if I have to put a semicolon after the decorators.

class NavBar extends Component {...}
  • I would not, especially if they decorate a declaration that doesn't use semicolons on its own. – Bergi Sep 12 '15 at 14:59
  • 4
    I suspect Webstorm doesn't know about decorators, so it thinks those are function calls. – Barmar Sep 12 '15 at 15:01

No, you should not. According to the draft grammar, decorators are expressions that are part of a method or class definition. They are no statements, and must not end in semicolons.

Imo, using semicolons there would visually separate the decorator from the decoratee, which looks odd - especially if not even the decorated value ends in a semicolon. Looks like WebStorm just doesn't understand decorator syntax yet.

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