I have a problem to assign a string literal to an array of chars. This is my code:

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;
struct CandyBar{
    char brand[20];
    double weight;
    int calories;
int main()
    char a[20] = "Mocha Munch";
    cout << a;
    CandyBar snack;
    snack.brand = "Mocha Munch";
    snack.weight = 2.3;
    snack.calories = 350;
    cout << "Brand of snack: " << snack.brand << endl;
    cout << "Weight of snack: " << snack.weight << endl;
    cout << "Calories of snack: " << snack.calories << endl;
    return 0;

My question is why with a[20] I can assign it to the array, but with brand I cannot.


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char a[20] = "Mocha Munch";

This is initialisation of character array a (not assignment). The language specifically allows initialising character arrays from string literals.

snack.brand = "Mocha Munch";

This is assignment into an array. The language does not allow assigning entire arrays (at all).

If you want to use a string in C++, don't waste time with cumbersome, error-prone character arrays. Use std::string.

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