I've googled and can't find anywhere a list of possible errors, e.g. "Email xyz is already taken." (I know that is one definitely). "Name xyz is already taken." is another (for the username). I'm using Microsoft ASP.NET Identity 2.0, not version 3 on Github. They seem to be just simple strings and don't seem to have error codes or anything. I've had a look through the code on Codeplex also and there doesn't seem to be a clear list anywhere, just some vague fragments in unit tests.



Codeplex has shut down. Source code for Identity V2 now been moved to https://github.com/aspnet/AspNetIdentity

Here is the file that lists the IdentityResult errors:


Also, don't be a jerk and downvote what was obviously previously a useful answer just because a link has expired. Please inform the person who took the time to help you that the link has expired using a comment, not a downvote.


Found them in this Resources.resx file:


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