I have an Oracle APEX tabular form with the following columns:

Project,Rater Group,Ratee,Min Persons,Max Persons

Project and Rater Group are select lists. When I select a value for Rater Group I would like to limit the Rater Groups to only those Rater Groups in the Project in the first column. However the column attributes does not have a cascading value similar to form fields. Is there any way of doing this?

I've tried:

  • project_id = apex_application.g_f03(:APEX$ROW_NUM)
  • project_id = #PROJECT_ID#
  • project_id = :PROJECT_ID
  • project_id = apex_050000.wwv_flow_tabular_form.get_row_values

none of which works.


Found this page which links to some nice examples of how to cascade within tabular forms:


The first link posted by 'Roel' shows a working example.

  • Complicated and sucky, but thanks – Superdooperhero Sep 15 '15 at 10:02

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