I am using vim and its really working great.

However, now I want to try out AutoCompletion (mostly using C and golang) and therefore got to know the plugin YouCompleteMe.

I read the full instruction and copied them step-by-step so far I understood them. But when I am know starting Vim, I do get the following error message:

The ycmd server SHUT DOWN (restart with :YcmRestartServer). Stderr (last 30 lines):

Of course I googled it, and I found some closed issues on github, but what I did not find was a solution. There's one statement whose significance I am not understanding:

You could also force the use of a custom libclang library with -DEXTERNAL_LIBCLANG_PATH=/path/to/libclang.so flag (the library would end with .dylib on a Mac). Again, this flag would be used instead of the other flags. If you compiled LLVM from source, this is the flag you should be using.

The bold sentence there, does it mean, that I, who don't use the system-clang/llvm (instead the downloaded binaries, I want semantic support for C), have to use the DEXTERNAL.... flag?

I used this command to build the makefiles:

cmake -G "Unix Makefiles" -DPATH_TO_LLVM_ROOT=~/ycm_temp/llvm_root_dir . ~/.vim/bundle/YouCompleteMe/third_party/ycmd/cpp

EDIT: I opened this issue on github. There are lots of information.


The following works for me:
cp ~/ycm_temp/llvm_root_dir/lib/libclang.so.3.7 /.vim/bundle/YouCompleteme/third_party/ycmd

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