I'm trying to write a script to follow people on twitter. The tweepy API seems pretty good, but I'm running into some unintuitive behavior related to the mapping from user's ids to their screen names.

In [1]: import tweepy
In [2]: api = tweepy.API()

# get an arbitrary tweet
In [3]: tweet = api.search("anything")[0]

In [5]: tweet.text
Out[5]: 'Currently mourning the [potential] loss of around 500 pictures I took while in Oklahoma. Anyone know anything about Canon Rebels?'

# who tweeted it?
In [6]: tweet.from_user
Out[6]: 'helloregan'

# get the tweeters id
In [7]: tweet.from_user_id
Out[7]: 101962792

# i'm paranoid. just want to make sure its right.
In [8]: helloregan = api.get_user(user_id=tweet.from_user_id)           

# yep, same id.
In [9]: helloregan.id
Out[9]: 101962792

# lets check to see if its the same screen name? no. different person.
In [10]: helloregan.screen_name
Out[10]: 'kikiiputh'

What gives?


Figured out the issue isn't a tweepy one: http://code.google.com/p/twitter-api/issues/detail?id=214

Updated for reference for any other tweepy users who run into the same issue.

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