I just added a class library project to my .NET solution. When I built it, it created the bin and obj folders, which I want to exclude from version control.

However, Tortoise won't let me ignore the folders before the first commit. It gives the following message.

Cannot add bin to the ignore list!

I have to check the whole lot in, and then choose Delete and add to ignore list for the two folders.

How do I prevent them being checked in at all, and ensure Tortoise knows to ignore them?

  • it's just that you have to add the parent folder first. the simplest solution is just: put the parent folder in there - but set the contents aside somewhere like on your desktop. commit the empty parent folder. now put all the content in the parent folder, and proceed normally. – Fattie Aug 25 '16 at 17:17

It's because you haven't yet added their parent directories. Do 'add' on the new project directory first, and then when it gives you the dialog showing the list of files to add, untick bin and obj. You can then ignore them once the project directory has been added.

You could also add bin and obj to your global ignore list (in the TortoiseSVN prefs) though that will ignore any instances of bin across all your projects.

  • Oh, I see. So just check the project in EXCEPT the bin and obj folders, then ignore them in the usual way. Thank you. – David Jul 16 '10 at 8:43
  • You can just add the project, and then once it's added (you don't need to commit yet) you can ignore them. – the_mandrill Jul 16 '10 at 9:27

Set the svn:ignore property to "bin" and "obj" for the parent folder, provided the parent folder is under version control.

  • Right-click the parent folder in Explorer
  • Choose TortoiseSVN -> Properties
  • Choose the svn:ignore property from the "Property name" drop-down
  • Add "bin" and "obj" to the "Property value" field, separating them by line breaks.
  • Commit the parent folder only
  • The child folders should show up with a grey "ignored" icon from then on.
  • How do I do that using Tortoise? – David Jul 15 '10 at 16:06
  • 1
    @David the parent folder needs to be under version control in this scenario by the way. – Unicron Jul 15 '10 at 16:10

you can add to your global ignore pattern.

In Tortoise settings, on the General pane, there's a edit field to add global ignore patterns. These are wildcard-enabled so you can add all the temporary files, eg *.ncb etc, but also directories.

eg. here's my global ignore pattern, you can see it's set to ignore many file types but also a couple of directories.

*.dep *.aps *.vbw *.suo *.obj *.ncb *.plg *.bsc *.ilk *.exp *.sbr *.opt *.pdb *.idb *.pch *.res *.scc *.vspscc *\bin\Release *\Debug *\obj *.user BuildLog.htm *.cache *.log *.dep *.intermediate.manifest *ReSharper*

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