I keep getting a syntax error every time I try to compile this buffer. I've gone through the ordinary steps of removing all spaces, but still I keep getting the same error every time.


is_faster(F,S,[F,S,[_|Rest]]):- is_faster[F,S,Rest).

Whats doing this? I seem to run into this every time I attempt prolog.

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    SWI even tells you the exact line of the error. Write: is_faster(F, S, [F,S,_|Rest]) :- is_faster(F, S, Rest). to at least fix the syntax error (semantic problems may still be present). Removing all spaces is certainly not required or recommended. Also, check out more convenient list syntax: You can write the penultimate clause equivalently as is_faster(F, S, [F,S,_]). (again, just considering syntax, and leaving the semantics unchanged). – mat Sep 15 '15 at 7:53

This answer has nothing that the comment by @mat does not, but still:

I saved the code as you show it to a file named foo.pl, then, when I try to load (consult) the file, I get:

?- [foo].
ERROR: foo.pl:12:41: Syntax error: Operator expected

So, foo.pl:12:41 is filename: foo.pl, line number: 12, column: 41.

This is the last line, the column right before you open a bracket [ which you close with a parenthesis ).

Normally, you would show in your question the exact error message that you get when you try to compile a program (as a general rule on Stack Overflow, not only for Prolog). Please see "how to ask a good question", and what is a "minimal, complete, and verifiable example".

PS. There is nothing ordinary in removing spaces as far as I am aware. Is this a debugging technique?

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    @David I highly recommend you read through the two links I included in my answer ("how to ask", "MCVE"). Just following the advice they give will make you a better programmer now and in the future. – user1812457 Sep 15 '15 at 10:18

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