I am using Laravel 5. I need to save some sql statements in a field of a table of the database (these statements are used to get some results). I want to get these statements in my controller and execute them using Laravel, but the statements are only strings, Let's suppose the following

$statement = Table::where('ID', 1);
$statement = $statement->STATEMENT;

In $statement I have a string like this

$statement = 'SELECT SUM(VAL) FROM TABLE';

What I need to know is how to execute in the database the statement saved in my string var $statement I finally want to have something like

$result = 10 (the result of executing 'SELECT SUM(VAL) FROM TABLE', which was in $statement)


  • So do you know how read the statement but dont how execute it? – Juan Carlos Oropeza Sep 15 '15 at 19:35
  • Yeah, that is. I don't know how to execute my $statement :-) – user4839009 Sep 15 '15 at 19:37

This is called raw queries in laravel. For example:

DB::select(DB::raw('select * from users''));

So in your case(if You've already got $statement):


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