I have a component that looks like the code below and I need a way from within SearchBox to know the value of it's parent (SearchContainer) has the withFilter attribute set.

Even better if there's a way for SearchContainer to detect if it has a SearchFilter component within it as well so I can get rid of that attribute and for SearchBox to know as well.

<SearchContainer withFilter>
    <SearchFilter>Filter Orders</SearchFilter>

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As a design approach, SearchContainer should have a prop that decides if it's showing SearchFilter or not.

var hasFilter = true;
return (
  <SearchContainer withFilter={hasFilter}>
      {withFilter ? <SearchFilter>Filter Orders</SearchFilter> : null}
      <SearchBox withFilter={hasFilter} />

You should use this.props.withFilter inside the render of SearchContainer in your code.

  • This is great, propagate all the props! Commented Sep 15, 2015 at 22:44

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