I need to make JSON output that looks like the following

{   "items": [
     "number": {
       "value": 23
       "label": test

I've done something similar with the code below but I can't figure out how I need to nest number under items.


import json

myjson = {'items':[]}
d = {}
d['value'] = 23
d['label'] = "test"
output = json.dumps(myjson)
print output

That gives me

"items": [{
  "value": 23, 
  "label": "test"}
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    What you posted is invalid JSON. You can't have something like ["x": blah]. The colon can only occur inside {}, not directly inside []. – BrenBarn Sep 16 '15 at 2:57

Your input JSON isn't proper, it should be something like:

{ "items": 
           "value": 23,
           "label": "test"

Besides that it can get messy, but accessing the resultant dict is intuitive.

 jdict = json.loads(yourjson)
 jdict['items'] => [{"number":{...}}]
 jdict['items'][0] => {"number":{...}}
 jdict['items'][0]['number']['value'] => 23


Think you actually just wanted this:

myjson.get('items').append({'number': d})

You have to append a dictionary, not entries of a dictionary to items.

  • Could you please be more explicit with your code example to help me out? I think I understand where you are going but I could use a concrete example. – Ryan Sep 16 '15 at 3:17

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