I am looking to refactor how I have used a stream in some of my code. The first example is how I currently have done it. The second example is what im trying to make it look like.

Set<String> results = new HashSet<String>();

            .forEach(t-> result.add(t.getSomeMethodValue()) );

Could it look something like this? If so how do I make it do it?

Set<String> results = someDao.findByType(type)
            .collect(  /*  ?? no sure what to put here  */ );
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    You need to map the Stream elements before collecting them into the Set. someDao.findByType(type) .stream().map(TheClass::getValue).collect(toSet()); – Alexis C. Sep 16 '15 at 12:11

Use Collectors.toSet :

Set<String> results = someDao.findByType(type)
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