Does anybody know how to change or set the "Description" option/tag of a GeoTIFF file using GDAL?

To specify what I mean, this is an example of gdalinfo return from a GeoTIFF file with set "Description":

 Band 1 Block=64x64 Type=UInt16, ColorInterp=Undefined
 Description = AVHRR Channel 1:  0.58  micrometers -- 0.68 micrometers
 Min=0.000 Max=814.000 
 Minimum=0.000, Maximum=814.000, Mean=113.177, StdDev=152.897

In the example you can see: Description = AVHRR Channel 1: 0.58 micrometers -- 0.68 micrometers

How do I set this parameter using GDAL?


In Python you can set the band description like this:

from osgeo import gdal, osr
import numpy

# Define output image name, size and projection info:
OutputImage = 'test.tif'
SizeX = 20
SizeY = 20
CellSize = 1
X_Min = 563220.0
Y_Max = 699110.0
N_Bands = 10
srs = osr.SpatialReference()
srs = srs.ExportToWkt()
GeoTransform = (X_Min, CellSize, 0, Y_Max, 0, -CellSize)

# Create the output image:
Driver = gdal.GetDriverByName('GTiff')
Raster = Driver.Create(OutputImage, SizeX, SizeY, N_Bands, 2) # Datatype = 2 same as gdal.GDT_UInt16

# Iterate over each band
for band in range(N_Bands):
    BandNumber = band + 1
    BandName = 'SomeBandName '+ str(BandNumber).zfill(3)
    RasterBand = Raster.GetRasterBand(BandNumber)
    RasterBand.SetDescription(BandName) # This sets the band name!
    RasterBand.WriteArray(numpy.ones((SizeX, SizeY)))

# close the output image
Raster = None

Unfortunately, I'm not sure if ArcGIS or QGIS are able to read the band descriptions. However, the band names are clearly visible in Tuiview: enter image description here

  • Is band specific metadata a GeoTiff extension, or part of Tiff regularly? – CMCDragonkai Mar 23 '18 at 5:53
  • It is included in GeoTiff metadata. If you use the command "gdalinfo -norat *.tif", it will return the description of each band in your image. I have tested this on a Landsat 8 image and it returns the band names that I have set (e.g. "Red", "Green", "Blue", "NIR") instead of just Band1, Band2, Band3, Band4...etc. – Osian Apr 14 '18 at 10:59

GDAL includes a python application called gdal_edit.py which can be used to modify the metadata of a file in place. I am not familiar with the Description field you are referring to, but this tool should be the one to use.

Here is the man page: gdal_edit.py

Here is an example script using an ortho-image I downloaded from the USGS Earth-Explorer.


#  Image to modify

#  Field to modify

# Print the tiff image description tag
gdalinfo $IMAGE_PATH | grep $IMAGE_FIELD

#  Change the Field
CMD="gdal_edit.py -mo ${IMAGE_FIELD}='Lake-Tahoe' $IMAGE_PATH"
echo $CMD

#  Print the new field value
gdalinfo $IMAGE_PATH | grep $IMAGE_FIELD


$ ./gdal-script.py 
gdal_edit.py -mo TIFFTAG_IMAGEDESCRIPTION='Lake-Tahoe' 11skd505395.tif

Here is another link that should provide useful info.


  • 3
    That's the thing, I know how to edit the general metadata of a file, but the problem is how to edit band specific metadata? – Generic Wevers Oct 19 '15 at 7:19
  • Can TIFFTAG_IMAGEDESCRIPTION be used for individual bands? – CMCDragonkai Mar 23 '18 at 6:16

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